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Places to see in Bangkok


Places to see in Bangkok

Bangkok whatvisitors must see list is and without fail they will always include The Grand Palace complex. This half-day sightseeing tour in Bangkok will allow you the opportunity to explore the complex, which houses a number of attractions including Wat Phra Keow (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) in the company of a local Thai guide.

Built in traditional Thai architecture mixed with European designs, The Grand Palace complex, once the official home for the Kings of Siam, is unquestionably one of the Thailand's major tourist highlights. The King still uses the Grand Palace for certain ceremonial occasions and the regal flavor within its enormous royal grounds is still evident. During the tour you will visit the Royal Funeral Hall and the Royal Coronation Hall.

The main centerpiece of the complex however is the 45 centimeter Emerald Buddha. Carved from just one piece of Jade it is the holiest and most revered religious object in Thailand. The Emerald Buddha is housed within Wat Phra Keow, which is a very ornately decorated building whose roof tiles reach up into the sky.

If you wander the streets of Bangkok it is not unusual to see monks walking along the road and it should come as no surprise as Thailand has over 26,000 wat's (the local name for temple).

On this privately guided half-day guided tour you will visit three of the most famous watโ€™s in Bangkok - Wat Traimit, Wat Pho and Wat Benchamabophit. A Wat is a Buddhist building where both men and women can be ordained as monks or nuns.




Wat Traimit is also known as the temple of the Golden Buddha. The 3 meter tall statue is made from solid gold and weighs 5.5 tons and is a fine example of Sukhothai style art. You will then pass through Chinatown on your way to Wat Pho, the temple of the reclining Buddha. At 46 meters in length and 15 meters high the Buddha is the largest in Bangkok and illustrates the passing of the Buddha into nirvana. Your last stop is at Wat Benchamabophit, or the marble temple. This magnificent monastery was built out of white Italian marble from Carrara in the late 19th century.


Places to see in Bangkok by Main topic

Culture and Entertainment:
Some visitors come to Bangkok resorts just to see all this and get a taste of life of this side of the planet. Interesting places in Bangkok that are well worth visiting include: Jim Thompson's Thai House, Thai Human Imagery Museum, Bang Pa-In Summer Palace, etc. These places give one a good idea of the culture as well as being a source of entertainment for visitors. There are numerous hotels situated near them so traveling to them does not take much time.

Some visitors have said that one might as well change his or her style of living in these kinds of places because this is the reason why they get away from their homelands in the first place. This is quite true because if one escapes the busy life s/he has been living in another country, it is best to settle for something completely different in Bangkok.

Taking a trip to palaces in Bangkok is an informative visit through which a visitor gets to experience the art of ancient times in this region. The work is rich and fascinating, and teaches one about how monarchs lived. Palaces that one may visit in Bangkok include: The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo, Phra Thi Nang Vimanmek and Abhisek Dusit Throne Hall, and Suan Pakkad Palace.


Visiting museums in Bangkok as well is enrapturing. This is because there is so much revealed through these historic collections. One might even say that the locals have hung on to their culture through these collections, as there would be little to pass on to their younger generations and the visitors without them. Some of the important museums in Bangkok that visitors are attracted to include The National Museum, Royal Barges National Museum, The National Gallery Museum, Geological Museum, Philatelic Museum, and the Ban Kamthieng.

Art displays and shows are also popularly visited by tourists. Aside from the cultural exposure visitors get through these shows, they are entertaining. There are events at regular times of the day, and one has to know the timings. Usually, hotels have all the schedules of various events. Some of the popular shows that one may go to are held at The National Theatre, Chalerm Krung, Royal Theatre, and Music art Center.

Religious Places:
Wats & Hallowed places are also commonly visited by tourists, as they reveal a great deal about the religious practices in Bangkok. One gets an idea of how religious people are and how liberal the society is at the same time. Some of the temples and shrines that are worth visiting include. The City Pillar Shrine, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Wat Benchamabophit, Wat Sa Ket, and Wat Ratchanatdaram. In addition to the temples and other shrines mentioned here, there are many more, which give tourists a pretty good variety to visit.



Farms that are also worth visiting include the Crocodile Farm, Pasteur Institute, Safari World, etc. Some people are frightened by the site of snakes being toyed around with so easily in the snake farms (Pasteur Institute). The collections of snakes are vast and those handling the snakes are individuals that have done so from a very young age. However, this still is a good experience for visitors in spite of their fears of fierce animals. Aside from snakes there are of course other animals at these farms.

Monuments as well are worth checking out, and the one that is commonly visited is the Democracy Monument. For many people, it is a matter of seeing for themselves that such a monument does stand and symbolize democracy in Bangkok. It is something that encourages visitors who come from democratic countries especially, as they naturally would feel securer even though they are in a foreign land.


Markets too are recommended places to visit. There is a lot of variety in products, especially locally produced ones, and one may purchase foods and other items that they have never encountered before. Few of the markets that are well known in Bangkok include Floating Markets, Flower and Plant Markets, Lang Krasuang and Woeng Nakhon Kasem. There are several others besides these markets mentioned here. All of these are worth visiting, and would give one an idea of how local trade is carried out. One important thing noted by most foreigners who come here, is that vendors are very hospitable and welcome foreigners.

Other Places to Visit:
Other places that are recommended to visit include the Royal Fold Arts and Crafts Centre at Bang Sai Sanam Luang, Turf Club, and The Ancient City. Each of these has a lot to offer the vacant mind, and visiting places like the Ancient City can almost take a visitor back in time.

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